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The Best Care

Innovation Chiropractic Manhattan is a results driven facility that is determined to provide the very best patient care. Located just outside of New York City’s Times Square we are one of the city’s foremost chiropractic offices that provide the latest conservative treatment techniques for a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. Each patient is evaluated and provided with individual and custom treatment that includes not only chiropractic treatment but also various soft-tissue techniques and rehab protocols.

Here at Innovation Chiropractic we will always provide the necessary time to take care of each person as if they were a family member and we refuse to sacrifice volume for true patient care. We use a full body approach and our goal is to find exactly what is causing your issue and to get you back to restored health as quickly as possible. So whether you have chronic back pain, headaches, shoulder pain or even a sprained ankle, we are always here to get you feeling great again.

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